Features & Benefits

Our Key Features

All the features you need and still growing.

An equine and canine exercise prescription platform that’s been tried, tested and trusted by animal physical therapists throughout the UK and worldwide.

Equicantis has been created to help animal practitioners, whether you're a veterinary physiotherapist, equine or canine massage therapist, rehab therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, bodyworker, or other complementary animal therapist, to achieve real results with clients by providing professional exercise plans using a wide range of fantastic features.

Developed by an animal therapist - for animal therapists.

● Fully customisable plans
● Extensive video library of exercises and descriptions
● Edit sets and repetitions,
● Either use stock images, videos and descriptions
● Add your own exercise videos, descriptions, documents, notes and Xrays
● Easily email the plan to your client with a PDF or web link in just one click




Benefits for Therapists

Easy to Use

And if it’s not, let us know how we can improve


So you can create plans that suit you and your clients

Time Saving

So you can help more animals in your day or enjoy some non-work time!


To enhance the trust of your clients and fellow professionals


Gives you peace of mind that you've done that bit extra to help your clients


Choose which subscription is going to work best for you


Trust that your information and that of your clients is safe


Working seamlessly on all devices

Modernise Your Business

Step away from pen and paper. Also better for the environment

Easy to use

We know you're busy, so we endeavour to make Equicantis as user-friendly as possible with clear layouts so the platform isn't over bearing or so you feel like you need a degree in computer science to figure out how to use it!



So that you can create plans that suit you and your clients.  Make every home exercise programme bespoke to the client meaning that each animal and owner can specifically work on their own objectives. You can make Equicantis your own by doing as much or as little as you want.


Time saving

This exercise prescription software lets you help more animals in your day by cutting out the time it takes to write exercise plans by hand either at an appointment or in the evenings.  It also means you don’t have to spend your free time writing lengthy exercise prescriptions. What will you do with your new-found free time?



Equicantis adds an extra element of professionalism to your animal physical therapy business. Going digital looks slick and one of its top features is allowing you to use your own logo and branding to appeal to your client base, giving them confidence in the exercises you have prescribed.



Gives you peace of mind that you’ve gone the extra mile to help your clients without the drawn out process of handwriting exercise plans.  For your clients, it’s professional exercise prescription software they can trust, understand and use easily.



This completely trusted exercise prescription app keeps you and your clients' information safe.  Here at Equicantis we understand the importance of confidentiality.  The Cloud-based web app has been developed to be completely secure and adheres to UK GDPR.



Equicantis works seamlessly on all devices - information is at your fingertips whether you’re using your phone, laptop or tablet. 


Modernise your business

Pen and paper is becoming a thing of the past.  Becoming digital will save you time, put all your exercise prescriptions in one place so they’re easily accessible, and is also better for the environment.     



With different subscription types to choose from you can find an option that suits you. It is likely that your monthly subscription is less than half the cost of one appointment fee. With the time-saving element alone, can you afford NOT to be using Equicantis?




“It literally takes me 5 minutes to send out a personalised plan.

I discuss the exercises with the client and get so much more compliance

when they can watch a video and feel confident with what they are asking their animal to do.”

Sophie - McTimoney Animal Chiropractor.



Benefits for Owners & Animals

When you’re prescribing exercises for your clients' animals you want to look professional whilst providing ease and understanding for your client.

Exercises and client plans are easily accessed on mobile phones - so no more excuses of losing paper! 


  • Equicantis uses clear photos and videos that are quick and simple to watch and replicate = increased owner confidence
  • A confident owner is more likely to perform exercises more regularly (as per plan) = increased owner compliance
  • Compliance to the exercise plan = an increased likelihood that rehab and performance goals are reached
  • You achieve a happy horse or dog, a happy owner and a happy therapist!


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