About Us

What is Equicantis?

Equicantis is a business and rehabilitation system for animal physical therapists such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, osteopaths, chiropractors, musculoskeletal therapists and rehab specialists.

It is a cloud-based web application that allows you to manage your business AND create bespoke, professional exercises for your clients using our library of over 300 equine and canine exercises.

What is our mission?

Happy therapists, happy clients, but most importantly, happy animals!

The Equicantis Story

Laura Clinton Equicantis

Laura Clinton: Founder of Equicantis
Equine chiropractor app
Equine Sports Massage & Musculoskeletal Manipulation Therapist
Canine exercise prescription app
Laura & her sproodle dog Ringo
Equicantis can be used on a tablet such as an iPad

I’m an Equine Musculoskeletal Therapist, qualified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Equine Musculoskeletal Manipulation Therapy and I’ve been practising for nearly 15 years in the UK, around the North West and North Wales.

I had been getting increasingly frustrated with how I was delivering exercise plans both in terms of the time it was taking me and the level of service I was providing my clients. 

I was either handwriting plans at the end of an appointment or I was going home and typing them up. Neither of which was ideal.


- quick, but the quality was low. Usually already over-running on the appointment, rushed handwriting.

Typing at home

- time consuming, might involve some homemade videos or photos, slightly improved quality but still pretty poor!

With either method, I really felt that I could and should be doing more for my clients to help give them confidence with the exercises and try to increase their compliance. Showing them an exercise, watching them perform it, writing it down and sending them on their merry way just didn't feel enough.

There must be a better way!

And that is where the journey began. 'Equi' for equine, 'can' for canine, and 'tis' on the end because it needed something on the end! 


The business & admin system

We launched the exercise prescription in September 2021, and created loads of additional features over a two year period and helped therapists with equine and canine home exercise plans in 14 countries, but it had always been on the roadmap to create a business system.

So in February 2024 we launched Version 2.0 and transformed from 'Equicantis - Your Equine & Canine Exercise Prescription App', into 'Equicantis: The Business & Rehab System for Animal Physical Therapists'. Our existing exercise prescription platform but now with a substantial business system.

There are still lots of plans for growth and I can't wait to continue to provide features that help you to run your business more effectively.


Our Commitment to You

Equicantis has been created by a therapist for therapists, you are all at the heart of what we do.
We promise to:

Listen to your feedback and make improvements

Continue to grow and expand our services

Be contactable and approachable