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Equicantis - Your Equine & Canine Exercise Prescription App!

Are you a veterinary physiotherapist, equine or canine massage therapist, rehab therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, bodyworker? Then Equicantis is for you!

Create bespoke, digital home exercise programmes that your clients will love!

Fully editable exercise prescription app with descriptions, photos and videos that make exercises easy for your clients to follow to help achieve rehab goals.

Cut down your admin time and modernise your business by creating and sending professional plans online.

Use our existing library, create your own exercises or request a new exercise.

Equicantis is packed full of features to help streamline your exercise and rehab  programmes and we’re committed to growing the platform to meet your needs.

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Transform the Way You Create Exercises Plans

Equicantis can save you time

Is handwriting or typing exercise plans taking up too much of your valuable time? For most physical therapists, writing an exercise plan by hand is time-consuming and can often eat into your treatment time or even your evenings when you sit down to type out plans for your clients. Equicantis is a specifically developed exercise prescription software that makes providing exercise and rehab programmes so simple. By using the Equicantis web app you can streamline your physical therapy business and cut down the time you spend writing home exercise programmes.

Improve client exercise confidence and quality

Would your clients benefit from watching exercise videos to help them perfect the rehab exercises you prescribe for their horse or dog? Clients who watch videos are much more likely to complete home exercise programmes and make real progress with their animals. Created for horses and dogs - this physiotherapy exercise software uses video footage to help increase owner compliance and also perfect the exercises you have prescribed for their animals to help them reach rehab and performance goals.

Equicantis gives your business added professionalism and increases your customer service

Would a digital exercise plan help to give an additional professional element to your business? Stand out from other animal physical therapists in your area by creating digital video exercise plans. Your clients will love the extra value and customer service you are providing. You can also stand out with your local vets by sharing with them the quality of exercise and rehab plans you are providing your clients.

Personalise your exercise plans

You can change descriptions and add your own photos, videos and descriptions - even add your own branding so that your business is at the heart of the exercise and rehab programmes you are prescribing. When you’re ready, simply share with your client. You can share via email, web link or download a pdf all through the Equicantis app - it really couldn’t be simpler. When you use Equicantis you get access to an extensive, and ever growing, equine and canine exercise library. With the capacity to add your own videos and descriptions the home exercise prescription possibilities really are endless.


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