How It Works

The Overview

Are you ready to transform your exercise plans?

Save time by using Equicantis as an exercise prescription app to help your clients successfully understand and perform rehab exercises with their horse or dog and achieve good results. 

Stop taking up your valuable time with handwriting or typing out exercise plans. 

Providing an amazing exercise and rehab programme service for your client will now be achievable in minutes, modernising your business and making it streamlined.  

Follow the steps to achieve fantastic home exercise programmes that are straightforward to create and implement.  It really is that easy.  Packed with so many great features, your clients will love it and be much more likely to stick to the plans that you provide for their animals. 


Why not take advantage of the TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL when you subscribe with Equicantis Pro today!



A closer look...
Here’s your step by step guide to making the most out of Equicantis.

1) Choose your preferred subscription

You can choose from Lite (limited features), or Pro (our flagship subscription), choose to pay monthly or annually (annual gets you a month free!) and choose whether you'd like an equine subscription, just canine, or both.

With such a great choice of subscription levels there's something for everyone.  

2) Once you have subscribed it’s time to get started exploring the app!

Get started by creating your personalised profile. 

This exercise prescription software allows you to add your logo and branding making it specific and individual to you so that your client has complete trust in your home exercise programmes.

Make it your own - use options to add your own touch so that you look professional.

3) Add your clients and their animals

It’s so straightforward to add a new client, it’s really just a few clicks. 

Simply enter in their details and then add an animal to that client. 

You can add full animal details including any additional notes 'for your eyes only'.

You can add as much or as little client information as you like, in full knowledge that your data is secure.

Clients and animals are easy to access, you can even speed it up by using the quick search bar. 

4) Start creating bespoke exercise plans using the stock exercise library

Scroll through the exercise library and choose the videos that you want to use to create your home exercise programmes. 

You can watch the videos first to make sure they’re the ones you're looking for, then click to add them to your programme.

And then reorder them if needed. 

To personalise you can edit any exercise including the title, description, image, and video.     

5) Customise the plan with tailormade notes and by adjusting sets and repetitions

Here you can write notes specific to your plan and bespoke to your client and adjust sets and reps as needed.

When you’re creating your exercise and rehab programme you can set it up as a staged, progressive plan have sections that can correspond to weekly exercises so that your clients can easily follow a set plan for each week that your have prescribed.

6) Or create your own exercise

This fantastic feature allows you to add a completely new exercise including an exercise name, video, description, and image. And this is private to your library, it is not global for all subscribers to see. 

You can even add videos of you or your client performing the exercises making it a completely personalised plan for them! 

But remember, if there's an exercise you would like to see in the exercise library, you can just drop us an email and we'll add it to our next filming day.

7) Preview, download a PDF, or send a weblink of the plan

Once you’ve created your bespoke home exercise programme, you can preview the plan, make any changes and simply drag and drop exercises to change the order. 

Choose whether you want to email the plan with the link straight away at the click of a button, download a PDF to attach to an email or print, or copy a web link to add into an email or to send via other chat methods.

Using the link means your client will always have access to the plan from their phones. No more losing pieces of paper or reading poor handwriting!

8) Save your plans and copy them for future use

Once you’ve created a plan you can then save and keep it handy for a future prescription.  You can easily update and swap exercises around for next time.

Use our Plan Templates feature to create base plans of exercise plans that you use frequently, i.e. for specific injuries. That way you don't have to start from scratch each time!

And contact us if you need any help, have any questions or just want to make sure you're getting the most out of Equicantis.